Rila Monastery  

Rila Monastery    Rila Monastery is the biggest orthodox sanctuary in Bulgaria and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was founded in the 10th century by the saint hermit Ivan Rilski who used to live in a tiny cave in the mountains, 4 km from the present location of the monastery. These are the landmarks worth seeing in the complex: the church of the Holy Virgin (incredible frescoes), the monastery museum, where a true masterpeice of woodcarving is exhibited – the Cross of St. Raphael ; the museum of the monks’ kitchen (magernitza), the tower Krelyo (recently renovated). You must see at all costs the bakery behind the monastery – most tasty doughnuts with sheep youghurt you have ever eaten!

We offer private transportation: BOOK it in advance!
    One day trip, including transportation to there and back at time, convinient for all the travellers. Short hike to the St. Ivan Rilski cave – about 1h.
Price per person, depending on the number of the subscriptions:         
                3-4 people – 25 EUR/49 BGN          
                5-6 people – 20 EUR/39 BGN
                7-8 people – 18 EUR/35 BGN
The trip can be done any day of the week if there is a minimum of 3 participants.