This small Koprivshtitzatown is a remarkable, unparalleled historic reserve. Its houses are at the same time museums representive for the Bulgarian revival architecture. Koprivshtitsa is a captivating mountain town, unique with its cobblestone alleys, houses painted in bright colors with large verandahs and picturesque eaves.
      During the Ottoman rule, Koprivshtitsa withstood many a raid, and it was reduced to ashes several times. The wealthier townsfolk managed to “ransom” Koprivshtitsa from the Turkish rulers and win some special privileges, thus keeping the Bulgarian traditions and atmosphere of the town intact. 

We offer private transportation: BOOK it in advance!
    One day trip, including transportation to there and back with confortable minibus. Visit to the museums and the momument of Benkovski.
Price per person, depending on the number of the subscriptions:
                      3-4 people – 25 EUR   
                      5-6 people – 20 EUR       
                      7-8 people – 18 EUR
The trip can be done any day of the week if there is a minimum of 3 participants. 

NB! The 1st of April there are the April Uprising celebrations with historic reconstruction of the events. It all started from here at this date in 1876. Let’s plunge in the atmosphere of the events happened more then 150 years ago…