Hi friends,
    It all started in 2009 when we nestled in a beautiful one hundred year old house…No, actually it started longtime before that. The idea of creating a hostel has attracted me years before its realisation. Then life turned up with the opportunity of working in the internet domain for several years. But suddenly while I’ve been running a successful business, that old dream resurfaced. I found that lovely old house and I felt in love. I sold my internet business and here I am…
    The house was built in 1915 by a Jewish trader from North-West Bulgaria. He had a big family, that’s why he made a four-storey buMario at Hostel Laveleilding. By the time of its construction, the house was facing the church Sveta Nedelya through a large square. A real bijou! Plenty of renovations were made inside to give the house a modern look. In the same time we were very meticulous to keep the authenticity and the atmosphere of the early 20’s. The original wooden doors and floors were restored. Now that gives you the feeling of walking over a living life history.
And, by the way, I'm Mario

                               Hi, I’m NevyanaNevyana at Hostel Lavele
I’m the first person that you meet when you cross the threshold of the hostel. I joined Mario in his hostel adventure right from the beginning in August 2009. I was already working in the travel industry for years, but creating a hostel seemed to me a big challenge. So I took it and I’m glad I did.  Every day I meet people from different corners of the world and their stories feed my imagination and my curiosity. That gives me the feeling of traveling myself too. You can chat with me in English or French and help me improve my Spanish. 

Veska at Hostel LaveleVeska is our cleaning guru! Not only she can make the hostel shining, but she can do it with a smile on her face. She doesn’t speak any foreign language, but she can always manage to explain you what you need to know. Just try her!