Dear traveller,
Thanks for coming by for a visit! We are sure that our hostel is right for you but let’s check it. You are looking for:
 š central locationwe are at few steps from the church Sveta Nedelya, the starting point for exploring Sofia
 š peacefull stay – unlike most hostels, we are anxious to keep the place calme.
 š privacy – we have more private rooms then dormitories
 š tasty breakfasthealthy start of the day with mainly home made products.
 š no curfew, no lockout – you can have party all night long…but in the bars around
 š no age restrictions – you are all welcome, as far as you can climb the stairs
 š multilingual staff - english, french or spanish, don't hesitate to ask, we can give you tips for traveling in Bulgaria
 š entirely no smoking hostel – if you can’t abstain from smoking, you can do it …at the balcony or in the yard  
 š acceptance of credit cards - we don't refuse cash payments neither
 š private transportation - we can organize your visit to sites like: Rila Monastery, Plovdiv, Koprivshtitza...
We wish you great time, spent under our roof:
Hostel Lavele
Sofia, Bulgaria